Posted by: hicca | April 2, 2009

How Green Were Our Villages?


This Saturday 4th April the Greening Campaign in Histon and

Impington reaches its climax with the results of the count

announced on Histon Village Green at noon!


It’s been an exciting month for the Greening Campaign but now the reckoning has begun as volunteers walk the streets of Histon and Impington counting up cards in windows.  When the numbers are finally in, the amount of carbon (or carbon equivalent) saved through the actions villagers have pledged to do will be added up and represented in a balloon release. 


The Greening Campaign is an initiative where the community pulls together to reduce its impact on Climate Change. The campaign began in Hampshire and was so successful that since then many other villages and towns across the South of England have started to address the problem of reducing their CO2 footprint.  Histon and Impington are the first villages in Cambridgeshire to take up the challenge.


Villagers have decided on a list of 10 easy actions to cut their carbon; these actions have been put on a card, which have been delivered to every house in the village. Now residents have ticked five actions, and have displayed their card in a street-facing window.  Now the cards are being counted and by Saturday the amount of carbon saved will be added up and announced.


 There’s barely a street in the village that doesn’t have a house with the distinctive leaf logo on display; in some those without are in the minority.  The Campaigners have held stalls outside Tescos, run a village greening fair, posted movies on YouTube and have worked with schools, faith groups and village organisations to achieve this remarkable show of commitment. 


For more information contact Steve Waters on 01223 237790  or email

More information can be found at

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